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If you want to visit the office, you will have to make an appointment first. To get an appointment, you will have to contact our Customer Care Number 9300511122. The appointment date will be deseated only after you can take special time for you.

Our aim



To provide maximum employment opportunities in India, l is making a digital India.

Find the membership ID in free.

Do things in a matter of your lifetime Lifetime from your mobile.

Download the App app (Thanks yaar) from the Google Play Store on your mobile to get the membership ID. After downloading, open the app.

Free Digital Membership Plan Confirm the chance for Life Time Income

After completing the form, read the message carefully on your mobile.

After completing the form, you will receive your membership ID within 72 hours.

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You can do your income Facebook and WhatsApp from Google via Google.

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For which you will have to do a little bit of effort. Do your work in the middle of your house, sitting in your house, your village, your city, your city, all India, anywhere. Lifetime your income.

Dear people, dear to you, thanks yaar's aim is to provide employment opportunities throughout India.

Work to give employment


HIf you have a lot of money and you do not have to work, you have a lot of servants and do not be angry. Work to make your own identity work to give jobs to people. If you will do good work, Hindustani will employ people to organize people with roti, then your name will remain as long as the sun will remain in the history. If you do not need money then only you Work for the Gum. Your name may be written in the book of history in the golden letters which will never be lost.

Dear people love you thanks yaar i welcome

बेस्ट क्वालिटी कम दाम

599 Shopping Free Home Access Service


This company is a general public company,Thanks yaar giving is the of helping the public give the public the things they need for their home and there is no charge for home delivery this is the purpose,Defeat of the masses the object of necessity is to reach you home and there is no charge for home delivery.Thanks yaar has been contributing to the nation"s citizens since-2013,

Delivery time = Working Hours After submitting the order, within 3 to 5 days, you will get your parcel!


Our Facilities


₹ 599 will give free home delivery of online order. You will not have to pay extra charges for any type of cost. The rate at which the online shopping will be offered will be the same rate you will not have to pay any extra charge except for less than 599 online On order, you will be required to charge ₹ 70 delivery charge. Delivery charge on online shopping over 599


प्यारे लोग प्यारी पसंद

Distributor Form Registration

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प्यारे लोग प्यारी पसंद

Thanks yaar

Head Office Chandni Chowk Delhi = 6 India Branch Office = Shivanand Nagar Raipur Chhattisgarh

Helpline No 9300511122

Best quality low price

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Dear people love you thanks yaar i welcome

Manufacturing, Repairing, Installation, Marketing Dealership

The purpose of thanks


The purpose of our company is to deliver the product delivery at the lowest prices throughout India. I Quantity Select You. If you are shopping online also a product, you will be available at very cheap prices by market rate (MRP).

Delivery details


Online shopping on less than 599 will cost Rs 70

Shipping Charge Free at online shopping of more than 599

Terms and Conditions


At the time of shipping, if any product of our product is faulty or breakdown, our company will have full responsibility for it, you will not have to pay any charges.

Payment condition = If you have made a credit card or online payment 'If for any reason you have to pay a payment, the company will not charge you any charge from you! The company will give you your money. At home delivery, there is no problem in our product. You do not like. The company will return your full money, but it will be mandatory to pay 70 rupees to delivery charge.

Terms and conditions apply