About Us

"Thanks yaar"


Thanks yaar is an Indian brand and we produce number one CCTV camera for consumers, so that they can be used for their security. Consumers can use our CCTV camera very easily, our CCTV cameras are fully serviced. We make high quality CCTV cameras to the consumer

our aim


Our objective can be to remove  unemployment from the country by providing new means of employment, which will remove the unemployment of our country, whether in the form of a job or as a business, whether I am looking for employment, regardless of job or business Work diligently with a genuine heart and contact us, we will do all possible help, whether in the form of a job as a business

join us


Whether you are looking for a job or business, then join us. Contact us. We will help you every possible job. If you have a job or business, your goal should be to have big dreams and dreams are such that if you have such big dreams. Surely you contact us We pray to God that the dreams of you will be realized as soon as possible